Gold City Media Web Design
Gold City Media is a creative agency specializing in modern web design, media creation, business branding and online identity; assisting small businesses and startups with all aspects of the design, web, branding and marketing process (or as much as you need). If you will like to learn more about a website creation process, we found some research which focus one rea estate website development, check it at the link.

Our primary focus is to help clients with marketing products and services, helping companies succeed in today’s rapidly changing online market. We provide solutions for businesses to stay connected, modern and visible on the web and within their local area. We like to call ourselves the one stop creative shop- providing websites, graphics, logos, print materials, eCommerce solutions, social media pages and more.

Web design Boston believe the best web design isn’t about ‘being pretty’ (while it helps…) but about being effective, providing solutions problems you face and helping you achieve goals. Gold City Media will enhance your visibility online around the web no matter what phase that may be: getting started, keeping pace and managing it all along the way.

Great design isn’t just about what’s on the surface, its the result of constant evolution and change in order to find the best way to reach your goals. Our business focus usually involves what you interact with; user experience, content strategy, branding, marketing & more. With everything we do, our goal is to create with real world, 21st century people in mind using services like these knownhost wordpress hosting plans.

“We’re a different type of Agency.” – Every Web Design Agency Ever.
A lot of people reach out to us initially, having bad luck with an unreliable, slow, overbooked or outdated freelancer and want to kick the tires to get things going (and quick), but the truth is the old school “web design agency” is over and done with and won’t be coming back, times have changed. These days people have more power, more options and more resources than ever, you don’t need us, so we have to prove our value with actions, results and coming through the first time to establish credibility. We are the designers but you know your own business best, we believe finding a balance between the two is important to satisfy your needs and your clients, while including your own vision or history in them.

Let’s get real for a moment- We can talk about ourselves and how we great we are all day until we are blue in the face, but it’s not about us, you are here for your business and your goals- we’re here to help fulfill these needs; we’ve grown over the past 2 years by referrals and getting the job done, and we are ready to tackle the next project with you.
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Core Values

[mighty_toggle title=”Building Relationships” state=”closed”] Developing great relationships are our gold standard. We want to get to know you and what’s important to you. [/mighty_toggle][mighty_toggle title=”Transparency” state=”closed”] Transparency is paramount in all we do; we go as far as to bring every bit of communication on your project out into the open, finances, timelines, can’s, can’ts, needs and don’t needs etc. Our practices and solutions are simple, effective, understandable and executable. We won’t talk over your head or add any fluff, just get it done. [/mighty_toggle][mighty_toggle title=”Superior Communication” state=”closed”] Like people that respond quickly? us too; you wont have to wait days or listen to any ‘runaround’. We always charge flat rate cost with no “hidden” fees.. When we agree to kick off an engagement with a client, we assemble a general scope of what they’re looking to get done. We work fast, but at a consistent and predictable pace. [/mighty_toggle][mighty_toggle title=”Business Integrity” state=”closed”] Positive client referrals now more than ever fuel our business; we want it to continue. Happy customers = more clients and a great sense of satisfaction in the end. [/mighty_toggle][mighty_toggle title=”Leave An Impression” state=”closed”] We want to finish the job just the way you want it, need corrections later? we fix it for free. Not happy? We’ll keep working until you are… that’s a promise. [/mighty_toggle] [/mighty_column][mighty_column column=”one-half” last=”true”]

Why People Choose Us

[mighty_toggle title=”Hassle-Free” state=”closed”] We value the on-going client relationship over time much more than the initial sale. We pick up the phone, answer your mail and always strive to deliver more than expected. [/mighty_toggle][mighty_toggle title=”Affordable” state=”closed”] Web design at a flat-rate, one-time set cost. No BS maintenance fees, free updates and an average site cost at or below $500. Start-To-Finish. All-Inclusive. [/mighty_toggle][mighty_toggle title=”Fast” state=”closed”] We get after it. Once initial agreement is reached 90% of sites are complete for review within 5 days (not months). Unlimited revisions until 100% satisfaction. [/mighty_toggle][mighty_toggle title=”Complete” state=”closed”] All design related elements are integrated & unified. We create modern, mobile responsive, SEO optimized, user-friendly and socially interactive sites out of the box. [/mighty_toggle] [/mighty_column]
Georgia Web Design Number 1
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– Online & Web Identity
– Virtual shops and eCommerce
– Presentation Websites
– Landing Pages
– WordPress Experts
– Mobile & Responsive Websites
– Maintenance & Upkeep
– Business Pages
– Organizations
– Team Pages, Groups, Churches
– Site Redesign
– Customer Database Management
– Company Web Development

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E-commerce will double by 2017; you need a piece of that action! Let us utilize our e-commerce development experience to increase your bottom line.

Organization Sites
Churches, Groups, Teams and Clubs.

Redesign & Maintenance
Website Refresh, Optional Continuous Maintenance Packages Available.

Mobile Websites
Clean, professional design. Mobile Dedicated site built specifically for Mobile to increase functionality. We are experts in responsive design.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization
Increase your visibility within search engines such as Google.


Great design looks nice, but more importantly the process should help create an experience that feels natural and engaging for the user. We work hard making sure your customers will enjoy every second they spend investigating your business.

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Your brand can be an untold story, what you’re passionate about and how you desire others to see your business. With your involvement, we’ll gather info, examine the industry and establish a plan of action to help meet your goals.


With all project designs we strive to be no-nonsense, cost effective, versatile and most importantly- user driven. Our #1 goal is to convert one-time viewers into loyal customers through great design, usability and impression.


Technology changes so fast that keeping pace can be critical for success. Undoubtedly the future is mobile, so we’ll make sure your content is sharp, responsive, aesthetically balanced and viewable across all device formats.