Online Marketing

Gold City Media specializes in providing a wide-range of marketing services, strategies and techniques to help your business achieve desired results through the web and generating business online.


[mighty_column column=”one-third”] Online Directory Entry
We can list your business across 50+ online directories. The more places your business shows up, the greater the chance to land target clients and gain credibility.


Web Marketing Campaigns
We can manage your business Impressions & click-through rate on multiple platforms such as websites, customer traffic by demographic, marketing ads and more.


Mobile Websites / Target Ads
Visits and interaction by Device, Scan QR Codes, Interactive App Support, Web Banners

[mighty_column column=”one-third”] Web PR/Reputation Management
The ability to monitor comments, manage online trust and business/brand reputation, data charts to visibly see growth and analytics for marketing targets.


Local & Small Business SEO
Organic keyword ranking on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Generated with quality content, not just throwing a bunch of money towards the ‘easy way out’.


Paid click campaigns suited for any budget or traffic level – Google Adwords, Bing Ads & More.

[mighty_column column=”one-third” last=”true”]
Social Media / Network Profiles
Engage with fans &a followers. We develop networks that suit your brand or business- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Blogs, you name it we do it.


Mailing List Management
Target clients for return business- customer databases, email templates, organized list management, coupons & special alerts, pattern tracking, loyalty programs and more.


Webpage Tools
Tracking for traffic sources, marketplace, web visitor demographics, pageviews, closed sales and purchases.


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