Gold City Media specializes in providing a wide-range of marketing services, strategies, techniques and HR software but are the advantages of HR softwares and how can help your business achieve desired results through the web and generating business online.


[mighty_column column=”one-third”] Online Directory Entry
We can list your business across 50+ online directories. The more places your business shows up, the greater the chance to land target clients and gain credibility.


Web Marketing Campaigns
We can manage your business Impressions & click-through rate on multiple platforms such as websites, customer traffic by demographic, marketing ads and more.


Mobile Websites / Target Ads
Visits and interaction by Device, Scan QR Codes, Interactive App Support, Web Banners

[mighty_column column=”one-third”] Web PR/Reputation Management
The ability to monitor comments, manage online trust and business/brand reputation, data charts to visibly see growth and analytics for marketing targets.


Local & Small Business SEO
Organic keyword ranking on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Generated with quality content, not just throwing a bunch of money towards the ‘easy way out’.


Paid click campaigns suited for any budget or traffic level – Google Adwords, Bing Ads & More.

[mighty_column column=”one-third” last=”true”]
Social Media / Network Profiles
Engage with fans &a followers. We develop networks that suit your brand or business- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Blogs, you name it we do it.


Mailing List Management
Target clients for return business- customer databases, email templates, organized list management, coupons & special alerts, pattern tracking, loyalty programs and more.


Webpage Tools
Tracking for traffic sources, marketplace, web visitor demographics, pageviews, closed sales and purchases.


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