Welcome to Gold City Media. A creative agency providing Atlanta & North Georgia professional, affordable and hassle-free creative services in web design, graphic design, responsive mobile websites, business branding, local online identity, SEO, print promo & social media marketing.

Gold City Media has a passion for the big picture, devotion to the details and prioritizes building close relationships. We propel small-business and startup ideas and launch them into fast-tracked, growth-oriented and results-backed reality since 2010. With little interest in wild growth ourselves we’re committed to our clients for the long haul- not just until you cut the check. We strive to create simple, effective, contemporary & affordable design; always aware of the top trends, but never bound by them.

Small Business Game-Changer.
Business growth is essential; but in the end, it’s about keeping it real, staying true to your values and keeping the focus on what’s important to you. We believe in the power of great design, marketing, and technology to disrupt and drive positive change. We want to help people achieve great things and break the status quo. Our work focuses on usability, personality, innovation and exceeding your expectations… always, every time.



With all we do, our goal is to create with real-world, 21st century people in mind, people that love what they do as much as us. Our focus centers around always delivering more than expected, building relationships, earned trust and gaining credibility.



Great entrepreneurship & modern business isn’t just about what’s on the surface; it’s the result of constant evolution, evaluation & change in order to generate new ideas, find different ways to cultivate growth & make things work better every day.



We measure success by one metric that makes sense — customer conversion. It’s not enough to have a pretty website. We know growing your business is critical to growing ours and approach every project with passion and commitment.


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Atlanta Web Design


We love meeting our clients, discovering what’s important to them, business values and overall goals.

We analyze status quo and industry competition; then develop a prioritized roadmap to meet timeline.

We create an overview of project layout and navigation, where content needs to be, and how users access it.

Once we’ve laid out a direction, we producing the assets you need always quickly but without sacrificing quality.

We test elements, get feedback and make changes until 100% satisfied; both after completion & down the road.



The power of great design and technology to disrupt and drive positive change. We want to help people, start-ups and small businesses achieve great things and break the status quo. We measure our success by one metric that makes sense to our clients — customer conversion. It’s not enough to have a pretty website. We believe in the ongoing effort to conform, adapt, grow and get better in the ever-changing business world we live in today.

We always work at a flat-rate/one-time cost; no hidden fees, maintenance charges or something you didn’t expect up-front. We grow one way- from your growth, so we’re totally committed to your 100% satisfaction, both now and months after project completion, that’s good business. Our work centers around building meaningful relationships earning trust and gaining credibility.

All projects are personal and completed at a flat rate cost; we don’t toss in junk fees, beat around the bush or waste your time with excuses. We’re here to help meet your goals and increase your marketability without all the fluff and over-your-head talk. Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.